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About us


The Socorro Foundation is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Charitable Organization that serves families in need. We are a primarily volunteer ran organization, structured with detailed programs and led by an Executive Director, Chief financial director and several volunteer leaders. We focus our efforts in areas where the need is the greatest. By partnering with volunteers and donors we are able to reach the most vulnerable group of people. We work to make sure every donation and volunteer is utilized in the most effective area. Through our local teams of volunteers we act as the hands and feet of our donors who cannot be in the trenches but want to put action to their passion.


Our volunteers and donors work together to Educate, Serve with kindness and bring awareness to important causes. We serve by providing safe shelter, feeding families, clothing families, and providing necessary basic care for people in need. Our programs include services to both local families and immigrant families. Whether needing Diaper assistance, pads, hygiene needs or emergency needs we provide what we are able to. 

We advocate by participating in different Donor Led Campaigns and help Educate people by teaching basic life skill classes, cultural awareness, Intro English, Human Trafficking Awareness, basic laws of the United States and parenting classes.


We are uniquely located in South Texas where there is always a need to help families in search of a better life. However, we are not limited to our location, we have crossed international bridges to serve families sleeping on the bridge, in a refugee camp or in a different country.  We have served after natural disasters and responded to humanitarian emergencies in the USA and other countries throughout Central America. 

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