Action Plan

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Action Plan for Your Family

We pray you are never separated from your family. However, the Socorro Foundation is here to help  you create an action plan to be prepared with the right tools to make sure you children are safe and well cared for if that happens.  


This action plan will be according to your desires to help make the proper arrangements for your children so you can be a family and always stay connected.

In order for this action plan to be effective it needs to be prepared before any separation occurs. 

We will provide the necessary paperwork, the notary and additional information so that you are better prepared in an emergency. This will not cost you anything, it's like an emergency insurance plan, you will only use it if you need it. We will pray that they will never need it.

A Plan, so that your family

can always be a family.

“Never put off for tomorrow, what you can do today.”

– Thomas Jefferson