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Virtual Volunteer PROJECTS

Virtual PROJECT 1

Donor Led Campaigns

Donor Led Campaigns can be done in any city from anywhere in the world. These campaigns can bring awareness, funding and supplies to a social issue that needs our attention. 

  • Fundraising Campaings

  • Advocacy Campaings

  • Donation Drive Campaigns

To learn more click the Donor Led Link

Virtual PROJECT 3 - Volunteer Educator

​We believe that education is key to almost everything. We teach classes from English to Human Trafficking to Parenting we offer a variety of classes.

  • Volunteer To Teach a class (materials are provided)

  • Volunteer to Promote and share classes with locals. 

  • Volunteer to Provide and serve snacks at a meeting. 

Virtual PROJECT 5 

Story Researcher


​In this day and age of "Fake News" we need researchers who are willing to take the time to cross reference stories already published and leads we are given by others before we share them on outlets such as Social Media and our Blog. 

  • Volunteer To Research existing published stories

  • Volunteer to Research Leads we are given by people.

Virtual PROJECT 2  - Writers


The Socorro Foundation has created a unique volunteer position for writers. Whether you are a guest contributor for our Blog or helping to write educational materials, the power of a pen or keyboard still exists. 

  • Volunteer to be Guest Writer on The Socorro Foundation Blog

  • Volunteer to share an article you've written with the Socorro Foundation. 

  • Volunteer to Write Educational Materials such as memes, graphics, animations and more. 

  • Volunteer to Write Letters to Community Businesses creating awareness and potential partnerships. 

Virtual PROJECT 4

Graphic designers & Animators

In our visually stimulated generation, graphics and short videos are crucial to delivering a message. We need volunteers who are willing to use their skills to create these impacting tools for The Socorro Foundation to share and empower other Volunteers to share on Social Media, Presentations and many other outlets. 

  • Volunteer to as a Graphic Designers (ideas provided)

  • Volunteer as a Graphic Designer with your own ideas

  • Volunteer as an Animator content Provided

  • Volunteer as an Animator provide your own content. 

Virtual PROJECT 6

Social Media Advocates


Social Media is a powerful platform to share information. We want to make sure to always share truthful, applicable information that promotes education on social subjects. We provide our Social Media Advocates with tools and stories specifically designed to make an impact on social media. This volunteer position works in conjunction with the products produced by our Graphic Designers and Animators. 

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