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Donor Led Campaign 1


Every organization will need funding, from start ups to the established, funding is foundational. We accept donations from individuals, corporations, matching gifts and other foundations. We have also created several ways that Donors can give that is unique and a refreshing fun way to be a donor. As a Donor-Led Campaign you lead the giving while encouraging others to join you. 

  • Birthday Campaigns

  • Social Media Fundraisers

  • Donor Dinners 

  • Donor Video Campaigns

  • Friendship Campaigns


We provide a personal fundraising link and the materials for any of your campaigns, it's as easy as getting together with friends.  For more details on how each of these Campaigns work scroll down to read more. To make a individual financial donation click Donate

Donor Led Campaign 2 -

In-Kind Donation Drive


In-Kind Donations is a kind of charitable giving in which, instead of giving money to buy needed goods and services, the goods and services themselves are given. As a Donor Led Campaign you give and encourage others to give as well. Here are some great ways to do that.

  • Neighborhood Drive

  • Amazon Drive

  • Friends & Family Drive

  • Special Group Drives


We provide an easy to use structure that makes it simple to host a Donor Led Campaign for In-Kind Donations. See below for more information  

Donor Dinners

Whether you host once or once a month a Donor Dinner is as easy as inviting friends over and preparing a meal. We provide you with an easy to use format to invite and host the evening and from there you can customize how you fund raise. ​Some choose to make it simple: 

  • Announce that the Dinner will benefit The Socorro Foundation, set a certain donation price for the plate and invite friends over for a fun evening together benefiting a great cause. 

  • Others choose to combine it with information during dinner about The Socorro Foundation and let their guests choose how they would like to donate. 

All guests know ahead of time that this dinner is to benefit a Non-Profit organization that you have chosen to support, their are no surprises. ​We provide all the written materials you would need to properly inform your guests about The Socorro Foundation. It is a festive way to be a donor. 


Neighborhood, Friends and Family and Special Group Drives

In this millennial age we use the tools that help us connect to others to also raise awareness. Apps like Nextdoor, What'sApp, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram & Facebook Groups have really connected people on a whole new level.​ To lead one of these Campaign Drives simply put out a request for the most needed items to your neighbors, co-workers, friends, family, club, organization, or society group. Collect the donations and ship them to The Socorro Foundation, we will distribute them here locally where they are needed the most. 

The Most needed non-perishable items are:

  • New Underwear - Children, Women & Men

  • New or Gently Used - Ladies Bras

  • New Socks - Children, Women & Men

  • Baby Items- formula, diapers, onsies

  • Hair Care - Brushes and hair bands

  • Travel Size Toiletries 

Donor Video Campaign


People love to watch videos of their friends and family. ​When you do a Video Campaign you can record your choice of 1 video or a set of videos that share with your audience why you have chosen to give to The Socorro Foundation. At the end of the video, you challenge them to give as well. Sharing the website address and including a link for giving. We will be able to report back to you how much your campaign raised when it is concluded. 

Amazon Drive


It's astonishing that 90 Million Americans have Amazon Prime. As a Donor Led Amazon Campaign you share online, text, and by word of mouth that you are hosting an Amazon Drive. Where people use their Prime account to send a donation of the above listed Most Needed Items to the Socorro Foundation. Tell your people to put your Campaign in the notes so we can share with you how many people gave. We will then distribute them locally where they are needed most. 

Donor Friendship Campaign


Sometimes people want to give but they want help on where to begin. As a Donor Led Friendship Campaign, you are giving people a place to start.

Bandwagon is defined as: a particular activity or cause that has suddenly become fashionable or popular.

With you leading the way by simply sharing a post, tweet, text, call or by word of mouth that you have decided to give to The Socorro Foundation you can start your own Friendship Campaign. 

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