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Are you in of need of Food, clothing or shelter?​

Please let us know if your family is in need of food, clothing or shelter. We have several resources that can help you. Whether we are able to provide it or we match you with a partner organization, we will do our best to provide you with the necessities and resources that can help you. 

Are you an undocumented immigrant and have a child that is a US Citizen?

We can help you create a Family Plan in case of an emergency. We can provide you with the necessary paperwork to insure that you and your child stay connected throughout the immigration process. We are not attorneys but we can provide you with important documents and resources. We will also help you find a pro-bono attorney that specializes in Immigration Law.

Do you need to help understanding the laws of the United States of America?​


We teach classes such as Know Your Rights, basic Policies and Procedures of the USA and beginners English classes. Please let us know if you need any of these classes to help you in your immigration process. 

Mother and Baby Exercising

Are you in of need of Diapers, Wipes or Period Supplies?​

Please let us know if your family is in need of diapers, wipes, or period supplies. At The Socorro Foundation we can help you and provide assistance. 

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