In-Person Volunteer PROJECTS

PROJECT 1 - Volunteer at the Family Refugee Shelter & Education Center

​We welcome and need volunteers at the refugee shelter. We have shifts from Morning, Afternoon, and Early Evening. During the time you serve you will get to interact with newly arrived families and volunteer leaders who will direct you to the area where help is needed most. 

  • a variety of volunteer projects are available  and will vary depending on the current needs.

  • If you are coming in from out of town please touch base by phone so a custom schedule can be created for you or your team. 

PROJECT 2 - Meals

One of the very basic needs that all humans have is the need to eat. By assembling together and serving or sponsoring meals we can easily meet that need. 

  • Volunteer to Grocery Shop

  • Volunteer to Prepare a Meal

  • Volunteer to Prepare & Serve a Meal

  • Volunteer to reach out to a local restaurant or business to sponsor a meal

PROJECT 3 - Clothing & Toiletries

Most asylum seekers arrive with only the clothes on their backs. Volunteers are needed to help guide them through the process and supplies. 

  • Volunteer to be a Guide

  • Volunteer to collect Donations

  • Volunteer to Sort/organize donations

  • Volunteer to Shop for under garments

PROJECT 4 - Volunteer Educator

​We believe that education is key to almost everything. We teach classes so that foreigners seeking asylum in the United States will understand the policies and procedures of our country and also know their own rights.

  • Volunteer To Teach a class (materials are provided)

  • Volunteer to Promote and share classes with locals. 

  • Volunteer to Provide and serve snacks at a meeting. 

PROJECT 5 - Family Respite Care and Emergency Planning

In some situations there are times when people will need a place to stay while awaiting the next step in their journey. The Socorro Foundation offers safe shelter and respite care. In addition we offer help to families by creating an emergency plan for the many possible different outcomes that could happen so that in any situation a family is prepared to stay connected.