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This Website is Currently being updated, forgive our double design as we begin transitioning to our new site.

For help making arrangements for your children please click Action Plan

To find an attorney please do your research.  Every attorney in the state of Texas will be listed on this website. Do not trust a person just because they say they are an attorney. 

Make sure you are using an Immigration attorney, not every attorney understands the complexity of immigration laws.

Subscribe on Youtube to Telemundo Immigration Council every Tuesday in English and every Thursday in Spanish. Watch past videos to better understand the laws and how there are dangerous mistakes made by people and lawyers who do not specialize in immigration. NOTE: Fast Forward the video to start at 10:00 min.

Helpful Links

Immigration Tuesday is very informative, please take the time to subscribe to their YouTube channel. 

More helpful links coming soon.

We are not immigration attorneys.

We have been consulted by attorneys for our services with your family.

We do not offer legal counsel.

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